Monday, March 9, 2009

Christmas Gift Scrutiny And Charity Calendars

These days sometimes even an in-depth audit, or a detailed study of our accounts, cannot get us fully aroused in time for the next village orgy. This period between the Christmas festivities and the onset of spring always seem to drag, to be the doldrums of the year. This despite the many novelty fetish items and sexual aids that are usually exchanged as gifts between many of the inhabitants of the village. For example, this year Miss Entanglements, from the Post Office, was kind enough to give me an electric stoat-oil warmer and from Old Feebletrousers I received a boxed selection of various other small mammal unguents and oils, suitable for all formal perverse occasions.

This year Strom Thighhammer and the rest of our village Volunteer Fire Service produced a charity calendar (in aim of the local hospice for Terminally Bewildered badgers) in which each month Strom, or one of the other firemen are pictured performing various perverse acts, some of which are still illegal in many American states.

Once again, the ladies of the village were on hand to help out the volunteer firemen in any way they could. In fact, there were so many willing hands – and, sometimes, bodies – in the way, the photographer was often prevented from shooting until all the ladies were fully satisfied and satiated.

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