Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eco-Friendly Sex Aids – A Guide

Nowadays, in these environmentally-aware days, of course it is vital that one gets the most out of one’s brand new thermal, wind or solar powered intimate personal devices. Of course, long gone are the days when a lady requiring a bit of personal intimate massage would have to climb up onto a flat roof on the hottest day of the year, or find herself a hilltop in a force 9 gale, in order to be in with a chance of satisfying herself to the point of satiation.

As for those intimate devices powered by the Earth’s thermal energy, unfortunately, they never really did catch on. Stripping yourself naked before inserting a device into - and then sitting astride - a volcanically active area did seem a bit of an effort, possibly with more dangers than rewards even to the most sexually adventurous lady.

However, with today’s rechargeable battery technology, the environmentally aware can now use all these renewable energy sources to drive their self-pleasuring devices safe in the knowledge that they are not significantly increasing their carbon footprint, even with their most intense self-induced orgasm.

Furthermore, for the even more ecologically zealous there are now a range of devices made entirely (including the batteries) from recycled cardboard. However, they do – at the moment- seem to be for the more casual user, as they tend, with overuse, to turn into a rather aesthetically displeasing - and often physically disappointing - pile of soggy mush.

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