Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Introduction

Hello, Good morning, and pull up a small furry mammal of your choice and then make yourself as comfortable as your fetish devices allow.

Welcome one and a…. Well… welcome anyway, to this - the latest iteration of the Official Little Frigging In The Wold Village Blog.

I am Norbert Trouser Quandary (or at least I was last time I filled in my VAT Returns) and I am responsible for this blog and its contents, in which I hope (somewhat in vain, I fear) to introduce you to the wonderful village of Little Frigging In The Wold. I will also introduce you to its residents, denizens and other less easily categoriseable persons who populate the village and its environs.

I would also like to share with you the exciting and – quite often – moist and throbbing delights of rural perversions, the quality, originality and sheer perversedness of which our otherwise humble village takes great local pride in.

However, for the reader (and her friend) of the previous version of this blog there may be some feeling of over-familiarity with some of the posts on this blog, especially in these early days until I can be arsed to write some new stuff.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your stay in Little Frigging In The Wold, no matter how brief*.

*Please note, car-parking charges are not refundable, no matter how little time and/or money you spend in the village before feeling the desperate urge to leave with some urgency.

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