Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interesting Things Afoot

It is not often we get the chance to discuss the state of your gazelles, and whether they have recovered fully from their marmalade infestation, and today will be no exception. Frankly, I have more interesting things afoot.

So much afoot, in fact that they reach halfway up the thigh and fix to my obligatory black lace suspender belt, attaching to the other clasps that lie just past the outer edge of the fastenings for my bondage wellies. That is the advantage of the SAS-style suspender belt. Not only does it have the typical fasteners for use with stockings, it also has many other clasps for fastening not only a myriad of items of apparel, but also for various devices such as weasel lubricant, tuning fork, hands-free sex manuals, high-velocity sex spatulas and stun grenades.

People do sometimes mock me for my use of ex-armed forces erotica and fetish clothing, but to me it has the advantage of not only the many extra features needed for battlefield perversions, but also provision for adding the other miscellaneous tools, devices and extra apparel needed in today's high-intensity civilian sexual perversions.

True our grandfathers may have had to make do with a hand-cranked donkey and a half-empty jar of pickled onions. But, in today's technology-rich environment I see no reason not to take advantage of what is available to the discerning and imaginative pervert in order to enhance the intensity of the experience, or even just to prevent the onset of itchy knees at the crucial moment.

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