Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Frigging Amateur Dramatics Society Present:

So… well, there you have it. Or, if you prefer, just over there, slightly more to the left of widdershins, you have it.

Now, well….


I don't know what to say, but that has never stopped me before. So, now we are all here, our intercourse can resume.

Let us begin with some news from the arts world. Nowadays, the Little-Frigging-In-The-Wold Amateur Dramatics Society is going from strength to strength, or so it seems to me.

Their last production - a stage version of Debbie Does Dallas cunningly re-titled Doris Does Droitwich - receive great critical notices, e.g. 'a triumph of the pornographic arts on the live stage' - The LFITW Gleaner. 'Absolute filth! I loved every minute of it' - The Lower Crotchstaine Gazette.

So, now, everyone is enjoying the new production of Swedish plumbers On The Job, in a version for the stage adapted by my own fair hand. Advance ticket sales strongly suggest that it is heading for a record-breaking 4 month run at the Little Frigging Village Hall.

We are also struggling to keep up demand for the live recording DVD (with bonus disc featuring extended outtakes of Miss Entanglements (from the Post Office) and the entire membership of the rugby club enjoying each others' company on a village hall stage two feet deep in fresh home-made custard. (Unfortunately, the scene with the forced rhubarb had to be deleted after several people, apparently, fainted while viewing it without full elbow support.)

So, all in all, it all bodes well for this year's panto: Wood In The Babes which will - all being well - go into casting in late September.

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