Monday, June 15, 2009

New Government Tax Proposal

Hopscotch (Nightmare) Johansssenessensen was the first person - ever - to stack 37 ewes on top of each other, at the Little-Frigging-In-The-Wold local farmer's market, in order to impress a young lady (Juicithighs Preponderance). That was, as we all must now know, back in the wild and heady days of 1974.

Since then, of course, stacking 37 ewes on top of one another has become commonplace, even clich├ęd, especially around Midsummers Day. While it is no-doubt - and demonstrably - true that there is no surer way to the female heart than presenting her with her very own, personal, stack of female sheep, some feel that the practice has now outworn its original usefulness and utility.

This is especially true for those lucky women who now find it difficult - if not impossible- to move around their own homes due to the number of ewe-stacks in their possession, all gifts from besotted suitors.

In fact, the government have seen a chance to make some easy money become so concerned about the number of ewe-stacks that some lucky women possess they have decided to introduce yet another new tax. This will be a tax on ownership of more than five stacks of over 15 ewes, charged at 35% of the current market price for each of the ewes in the stack.

Although, in an attempt to appear to be fair, the government have also announced plans to introduce special one-off transitional grants for the purchase of mint sauce, in order to assist in easing the burden on those over-encumbered with ewe-stacks they find they can no longer maintain.

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