Monday, June 29, 2009

Seventeen Ways Of Bedecking A Naked Human Resources Manager

Well, now as you probably already know all seventeen ways of bedecking a naked Human Resources Manager with the contents of your pick ‘n’ mix bag, there is probably very little point in my further elaboration of this point, especially now that Woolworths is – sadly – no more. So, now that we have the naked Human Resources Manager here, and the lemon meringue has set, let us tarry no more.

Glossing over the point of contention – usually covered in my Philosophy of Perversion lectures - of whether a naked, in this case, Human Resources Manager can still be classed as a Human Resources Manager when she no longer wears the clothing typical of a Human Resources Manager. It therefore follows that there must be some doubt as to whether it can still be called perverse. This, obviously, is yet another example of the Perversion Paradox. So let us leave it there and hurriedly go and fetch the sex spatulas, before the Human Resources Manager gets bored and wanders of to see what Strom Thighhammer is doing with his tool down at his blacksmith’s forge.

This does, of course, quite aptly demonstrate a further important point about the perverted arts. It is always good to keep your devices, implements, oils, unguents and so forth all in their own drawer with easy access from wherever it is you tend to go about practising the perverted arts. Although, this in itself can become problematic if you are a devotee of outdoor deviations, woodland perversions, or something even more exotic such as deep-sea perversions or illicit supermarket deviations, when some sort of portable (and if the occasion warrants it – waterproof) sex utensil container is not only desirable, but essential. However, now is not the time for a full and frank examination of your accoutrements, so we will leave that for a more opportune time.

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