Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fetish Periscope

The fetish periscope is – of course – quite a useful addition to the orgy-goers perversion utility belt. For there are – for example – many times when one is underneath one’s fellow orgy-partners and it becomes vital to know the state of readiness of the half-time snacks, or whether certain devices have now been returned to the dildo rail.


However, full utilisation of the fetish periscope does presuppose free movement of the elbows, which may not always be possible, or even polite, in some heavily-attended orgy situations. Hence the naval tradition, based on the pre-war village-orgy practice, of the submarine captain removing or reversing his cap as a signal he was about to make use of the periscope. However, current practical orgy guidelines do tend to discourage the exclamation of ‘Up Periscope!’ in an orgy context as it can often be misinterpreted by the other orgy practitioners, if it occurs at a moment when their attention is directed elsewhere.

The use of personal body wing-mirrors however, despite their brief period in fashion during the late 1980s, are not really recommended for most village hall orgy situations, especially when, as before, elbow-room is limited. For although there is no doubt as to their utility, especially for situations where rear entry positions are more practicable (such as the Floorpolisher’s Surprise, the Sudden Contact Lens Discovery and the Dropped Soap Fandango), they can make sudden changes of direction hazardous to other participants, as well as lead to some rather awkward revelations.

In short, then (sorry must be the cooler than average weather), always please exercise caution in a village hall orgy context and be always aware of what repercussions you actions can have on the other attendees gathered there.

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