Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strip Logarithmic Tables

So, anyway… then.

Now what shall we do today…?

I see from the way you adopt the stance of an accounts assistant from the marketing department of a small specialist glassware manufacturer, that you may be interested in discussing the sort of devices one should take with oneself to the first open-air orgies of the summer season.

I must say that that subject would - indeed – be rather an excellent choice for such a fine day as this. I wish I’d thought of it myself….

Oh, well. Can’t be helped I suppose.

I had brought along this cabbage for us to - perhaps, if the ground wasn’t too baked - fully explore the outer reaches of erotic possibility together. However, I see, you forgot to bring the goat, and – even – the Ordinance Survey map of outer Droitwich.

So, I suppose there is nothing else for it, but to play Strip Logarithmic Tables. Luckily, I always carry my booklet of Four Figure Logarithms And Other Tables, in case of such an eventuality. Being as it is such a hot day and you already have the centipede in your left hand, I will even let you go first.

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