Monday, August 31, 2009

How The National Perversion Service Began

Of course, in the immediate post WWII period sex weasels and badger unguents were still rationed and sex spatulas could only be acquired through the black market. It was into this period of austerity that the then Labour government introduced the National Perversion Service. Thus, for the first time, enabling everyone in the country access to perversion services free at the point of delivery.


Of course, there was much outcry from the providers of services, fetish gear and even purveyors of bespoke perversions to the gentry, who all felt that their livelihoods would be under threat. However, the government did promise a massive expansion in the services that would be provided. The government was, however, forced to accede that the upper tier of perversion consultants would be able to continue their private practices, especially those with premises in London’s infamous Naughty Street.

For the working classes the NPS, as it became known, was a godsend. Many of the poor had not had such access to bespoke – although of limited utilitarian design – sex spatulas before in their lives, and most had regarded even the most basic wallaby-grouting accoutrements to be forever beyond their ability to afford. Soon, though the deeply war-indebted country was forced to introduce charges for fetish gear and devices, but still the principle that every citizen of the country who needed devices, fetish gear or any other such accoutrement in order to lead a fully-perverted life, could at least – to a certain extent - do so without fear of descending into penury. A principal that – seemingly – remains sacrosanct to most inhabitants of this country right up to the present day.

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