Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Perversions No. 2 – The Barbecue

Barbecue-based perversions, do tend to be somewhat circumspect, mainly due to the general unwillingness of the male of our species to willingly untrouser himself in the near vicinity of cooking sausages. For accidents do have an unfortunate tendency to happen, and the prospect of red-hot coals can tend to shrivel one’s ardour, as does as the thought of an errant barbeque fork in the hands of a short-sighted or inebriated barbeque cook.


However, the use of various condiments, such as barbeque sauces, ketchups and even mustard can greatly add to the enjoyment of outdoor fetishes and perversions, especially for those that enjoy an added spiciness to their oral ministrations. The barbeque and orgy is also more than ideal for those that like to enjoy their postmistress on a bed of salad, as well as those of us who enjoy a salad undressing too. Furthermore, there can’t be that many a lady who has not enjoyed a good stiff pork kebab over by the summerhouse on a balmy summer evening.

On the other hand, though, one has to be careful that one’s summer barbecue and village orgy does not descend into mere drunken debauchery, the sort of thing that can give good healthy sexual deviance a bad name. Still, even that does beat standing around discussing the price of property and the merits, or otherwise, of various holiday destinations and other such rather squalid urban and suburban deviations.

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