Thursday, September 17, 2009

The History Of Little Frigging – Part One

The history of Little Frigging is a fascinating study, especially the fully-illustrated editions of The History Of Little Frigging (with full-colour plates for the connoisseur), that are available by mail order in plain brown wrapping.


As you my well know, Little Frigging was mentioned in the Domesday book as ‘a smalle hamlet where the denizens have an unnaturale intereste in their woodcocks and other game birdes’. Although, there is sketchy evidence that the village rests upon a site first used by the Romans as an employment agency which recruited Vestal Virgins, which seemed to have fallen into almost immediate disuse not long after it opened. Historians have speculated that this may have something to do with the area’s long disdain for anything resembling virginity and some rather explicit religions practices that predate even the Romans in the use of the watermelon and various young maidens.

It was not until the famous incident where the maidens of the village frightened off the Vikings in the years before William the Bastard’s Norman invasion, that the village became known as Little Frigging, up until then is was known by its local name, Mud. It was said that it came by the name of Little Frigging due to the activities of one of its Housecarls became besotted with a reeve’s daughter and her flock of tame moorhens. Many historians have decided it was this very event was the precursor to the sport we know today as All-Nude Chicken-Intriguing.


[Part Two will follow if and when I can be arsed]

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