Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Over-Fondling of Your Flankers

Of course, if the opposition team have all the devices, and your side is left holding the bewildered moorhen deep within their own scrum line, then it is time to think about making a substitution. Of course, by this stage of the orgy your forwards should each have scored several times already, or - at least – confused the chicken enough times for the state of their ardour to be called into question.


Anyway, if your forwards are showing signs of a flagging ardour, then it is probably best to think of trying to defend in depth. Obviously, by now you should be making sure that both your wing-front centre hatchbacks have each got a firm grasp on their pogo sticks in case the opposition are tempted into introducing their attacking unicycles to over-fondle your flankers when the referee is blown by the umpire to change ends.

Once the teams are in their positions ready to start the post half-time fondle, your midfield centre exhibitionist should have enough of the melon left to tempt the opposing forwards into committing themselves to a fully-consensual advance towards what now seem to be a quite-perturbed chicken. This should enable your wing forward to hail a taxi to take her right down towards the oppositions box where she can double cross the left back, enabling your centre fondler to enter the opposition’s box easily, with enough penetration to score.

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