Friday, October 2, 2009

The Art Of Sex Weasel Hypnosis

Well, here we are again, looking deep into the eyes of our sex weasels. Those of you who have never learnt how to exercise control over your sex weasel using hypnosis and still utilise the disciplinarian – or ‘big stick’ approach are – I’m afraid – missing out on so much of the repertoire of the modern sex weasel in many aspects of the rude and naughty arts.

Although use of the sex weasel goes back many centuries mainly because of the pernicious influence of the church on all forms of sexually-interesting activities, the use of the sex weasel was more often than not frowned upon in polite society. In fact, by way of example, Oscar Wilde caused outrage when he openly gesticulated whilst clutching a sex weasel during the dress rehearsals for Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Even further back in history, it was her frank use of a sex weasel and a brace of oranges on a Monday afternoon stroll in one of London’s main thoroughfares which led to Charles II’s mistress, Nell Gwyn, getting a reputation for being quite a naughty lady indeed.

However, it wasn’t until the heady days of the swinging sixties that sex weasels became a common and accepted part of the ordinary, run-of-the-mill pervert’s repertoire, but that will be a subject for another time (or a few times if you are in the mood).

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