Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maureen’s Encounters With The Firemen’s Poles And Helmets


Maureen, my good lady wife, herself has often commented on the amount of time I spend on these outpourings from my organ. So, in retaliation, I have often suggested that she ought to consider expounding on some of her own experiences in Little Frigging, especially the sterling work she, and many of the other ladies in the village, perform in keeping our village volunteer fire service operating at its peak.

Maureen, I know, does spend a considerable amount of her free time making sure the firemen’s poles are buffed up to perfection, as well as spending several hours a day polishing the firemen’s helmets for them. She has often spoken, in wistful tones, of the effusive outpourings of satisfaction she gets from the firemen whenever she bends to give their helmets her devoted attentions.

Not only that she is often out in the fields with our farmhand, Al Fresco, helping him test the integrity of the haystacks and making sure the hayloft is well stocked with plenty of hay. This does seem like very hot work indeed and Maureen does often seem to leave behind several items of her clothing when she has spent an hour or two in the hayloft with Al, which can sometimes cause a few problems when I find her discarded underwear mixed up in with the hay for the cows.

Maureen has also taken quite an interest in local traditions. She especially likes to help out down at the blacksmith’s forge, where you can often find her assisting our local blacksmith, Strom Thighhammer as he wields his mighty tool for the delectation of the many women from the village who have taken to visiting his forge whenever they feel the need for some very hot action.

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