Monday, November 16, 2009

Advanced Sexual Perversions – Lesson 2

It is not really all that unusual, as you well know, to sometimes have difficulty making sure that all the holes are aligned and that the weasel has a free run right up to the sticking point*. Then, I suppose, it is a matter of using the right lubrication and hoping the traffic warden is securely restrained and that the nipple clamps you have been warming by the radiator out of consideration for the time of year have not got too hot.


BY now, we hope, the jelly will have set and the custard should be ready too. Even in these cooler temperatures at this time of year, though, I would still keep the fresh cream cakes under refrigeration and make sure the rubber stockbroker’s outfit is not in danger of getting over brittle.

It is now time to introduce a well-oiled librarian, or – in advanced cases – two, to the proceedings, providing you feel you have mastered the subtleties of double-entry bookkeeping, especially the tricky nature of accounting for expenses incurred.


*Having first made sure that anything you may have previously screwed (or nailed) there will not impede the weasel in any significant way.

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