Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off-Road Perversions – A Pointer


It is not often appreciated, especially by the wives of hard working rural gentlemen, just how difficult it can be to become a fully upstanding member of one’s local off-road orgy club. This can be especially the case on some of the more challenging corners where it is often extremely difficult to keep abreast (or even a-thigh) of one’s cake shop manageress, especially if she has been well-lubricated in the snug of The Pervert’s Appendage beforehand.

Of course, successful off-road orgies do demand something a tad more roomy than even the average 4x4, especially if they are to be officially classed as orgies and not just a three or foursome, so, ideally, some sort of trailer is necessary to accommodate all those about to engage in the aforesaid orgiastic practices. The orgies, in order to qualify as bone fide off-road orgies must also be undertaken whilst the vehicle is in motion, which – if only for safety’s sake – must therefore necessitate a driver. Also – in more advanced cases – an off-road perversion may also need a navigator. This is especially true if the orgy is to include some of the more advanced perversions that may require someone to assist in the untangling of the assistant librarians once the perversion has been undertaken successfully and your gear stick is back in neutral with the handbrake applied.

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