Friday, November 6, 2009

Phil Anthropy


Little Frigging’s general handyman Phil Anthropy is often available to thrust himself into the hands of any of the Little Frigging ladies who may feel an urgent need to get a man in. Phil Anthropy sees it as his duty to bring relief to the Ladies of Little Frigging whenever they feel the need for him. Phil sees it as his role in the village to put himself out whenever a village lady finds she is at a loose end and needs someone to plug a gap, or she has want of a man to fulfil her needs in some trying circumstances.

Maureen, my good lady wife, often feels the need to get a man in, especially if I am out and about engaged in the many vitally essential tasks that keep me away from hearth and home until well after closing time at The Pervert’s Appendage. In such cases, Phil, will be there with both alacrity and diligence, sometimes with his tool already out and held firmly in his hand ready for whatever task Maureen demands of him.

Many is the time when I have staggered in from an evening’s philosophical debate to find Phil buried deep in Maureen’s quandary, often with Maureen’s entreaties urging Phil on to greater exertions to bring her a satisfying climax with his efforts.

Phil can be seen out and about in Little Frigging most days of the week, doing his utmost to bring a smile to the faces of the ladies of Little frigging, popping in, his tool at the ready, to bring each one the satisfaction of a good seeing-to in the way only Phil Anthropy can.

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