Monday, November 23, 2009

Theoretical Orgiastics


Well now, and/or then – depending upon your preferred stance and orgy leggings, of course. It has come to my attention that some of you (both) gathered here on this fine… reasonable… well, frankly god-awful day are not that conversant with the latest in Theoretical Orgiastics or even have a firm enough grasp of the philosophical underpinnings of modern-day perverted practices.

Ah, you may argue, isn’t it better to have the hands-on practical experience out on the orgy field or perversion pitch, rather than have a head filled with the latest theories, ideas and notions. Without ever having laid a sex spatula on a recumbent sub-postmistress, you may say, all the theory in the world –no matter how perverse – is of little consequence.

You could – of course – be right. However… there are times when a little theory can prove invaluable. I only have time for one example, so let me just mention Renee Descartes famous dictum: I wear a leather perversion grommeting belt, therefore I am a sexual deviant. I believe I can’t say fairer than that, and a person of your wit, erudition and perverse know-how will not – I believe – need for me to say any more, which is a good thing as there is an assistant librarian in the village library awaiting me and my exotic badger unguents at this very moment.

So, I will, perforce, have to bid you good day.

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