Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Use Of The Perversion Hat

Of course, these days the use of the perversion hat is almost de-rigour in polite society. This can be seen at certain high society functions such as Ascot, etc where the formal use of the hat is retained, seemingly these days for little more than comic effect, with little apparent knowledge or awareness of the long splendid - and often quite moist - use of the hat in the history of perversion.

The Greeks were the first major western civilisation to use hats in a recognisably perverted way. In fact, at their so-called symposiums where attendees dressed as famous philosophers whilst buttering their sex weasels in readiness for the afternoon orgies that were a commonplace in high Greek society, it was considered vital to always sport the correct headgear, especially whilst ‘philosophising’ with a olive-oil coated assistant librarian, or two.

Later, of course the Romans made much use of the helmet. It was – in fact – a criminal offence in Rome for a man to attend an early evening orgy without first buffing up his helmet beforehand.

I think it is safe to assume that everyone is more than familiar with Vikings and how horny they were with their helmets.

Therefore in - the soon to come* - part two of this essay we can move on to the medieval period and the first real recorded uses of the wimple by lady attendees at village orgies, especially during he Plantagenet era.


*When** I can be arsed.

**Or – indeed – if.

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