Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hairstylists And Stoat Indifference

A certain amount of stoat indifference is to be expected whenever attempting to re-decorate your hairstylist-breeding pens. Personally, I would strongly suggest that you employ the services of a professional well-versed in the art of being indifferent to stoats. But if you are on a tight budget, own a tight budgie or just fancy having a go yourself, then - by all means - give it a go. But you will have no one else to blame but yourself if - when partway through the redecorating of your breeding pens - the stoats start taking an unwelcome interest in your hairstylists.


The danger - of course - is that if the hairstylists are in anyway perturbed by the stoats taking an interest in them, then your breeding plans could be put back several weeks at least, with the concomitant danger that the whole breeding season could be lost.

It can be very serious - for example - if the stoats disparage or in any other way show disdain for, or - at worst - show complete disinterest in, the holiday plans of the hairstylists. Hairstylists take an extraordinary amount of interest in the holiday plans of themselves and any other creature they come into contact with. So, to be in any way dismissive of the hairstylists initial holiday-related conversational gambits (as stoats are often wont to do) can often have devastating effects on the whole hairstylist-breeding season.

So, be warned and be ever aware and vigilant. At the first sigh of any stoats appearing in the vicinity of your hairstylist-breeding pens, be prepared to show them complete and utter indifference before they have a chance to show any form of disparagement towards your hairstylists. It is the only way to be safe, and sure, as stoats are very insecure and will run off to sulk if they feel they are being unfairly ignored.

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