Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Frigging All-Nude Mass Pogo Stick Display Team


The Little Frigging All-Nude Mass Pogo Stick display team are preparing themselves for an exhibition of pogo-stick based perversions at the UK Annual Rude And Naughty Exhibition at the O2 Arena, in London at the end of next month. As you probably know, if you indulge in a frequent perusal of my organ whenever I display my latest outpourings, the Little Frigging naked pogo stick squad can be - quite often - found exhibiting themselves to the public, whenever the opportunity arises. They have displayed themselves to many thousands of people throughout the length and – on two occasions – the breadth of this great island of ours, as well as visiting Wales three times.

There were some, of course – when the idea was first mooted – who pooh-poohed the idea of the pogo stick being of much utility, or even of finding any role at all in the perverted arts and sciences.

However, after some sterling theoretical work, and – later – practical experimentation by our very own Emeritus Professor of Applied Pogo-stick dalliances here at the University of Little Frigging, Old Feebletrousers himself, along with a bevy of the more sturdily-thighed of his research assistants, Professor Old Feebletrousers has proved that not only is the pogo stick a more that adequate device for achieving sexual satiation, it is by its very nature, entirely suited to the perverted arts.

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