Thursday, December 3, 2009

Naughty Lady Evening

It is not often we get to compare our penguin hats these days. You are often far too busy with your helicopter-flavoured sausage procurement stance adopting evening classes, while I am frequently busy down in my workshop perfecting my Naughty Ladies. For example, last night I spent several hours down there giving them a fresh coat of butter and a final buffing up before tomorrow night's Naughty Lady Evening down at the village hall.

It is more than a little perturbing that the urban ignoramuses that populate the mainstream media all seem to think that us rural folk do nothing except count sheep in the evenings. Now, while that is no doubt a thrilling event that we all look forward to and fully enjoy, it doesn't happen all that often. Yet there is hardly a week that goes by without the village hall being pressed into service at least a couple of times for various village-wide events.


Some I have already mentioned, such as some of the stuff you can find in the archives… somewhere or other. But there are many more such events like Naughty Lady Evening. Sometimes the village green is pressed into service for events like this, or open-air summer orgies, estate agent wickerman barbeques and much, much more.

So we in Little-Frigging-In-The-Wold do indeed have a very full social life indeed. It isn't all sheep-shagging and fornicating with near relatives - well, not all the time.

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