Friday, January 15, 2010

Dreaming of Bingo Halls

[A Guest Post By Grand Uncle Stagnant]


No-one here ever dresses up as a pregnant zebra. So, shall we arrange the anchovies once again?

There are reindeer on the stairs, and the small portable electronic consumer devices we desire to possess are haunting the shelves of all our dreams once again.

I have seen the helicopters at Dawn. I have seen Dawn at the helicopters. Dawn has seen me. We have done very rude things together in the dew-kissed grass. I dressed up as the social worker while Dawn held the kipper.

Don't do that. Or, if you must, please use a handkerchief.

Now we look out at the sea and dream of the bingo halls of all our desires.

Do you know what that is called?

You don't?

Well then, put it away, at least until you know what it is.

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