Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Not Coming Easily


It is not easy to stand here day after day fully-rigged out in my perversion utility belt, fetish spats and orgy-cape distilling all my years of experience, wisdom and understanding into a few pithy nostrums and apothegms for the delectation of you - my somewhat jaded - audience (and your friend).

Indeed, sometimes it is hard. But then - if you have frequented an of our open-air village orgies on the green, or attended a village hall perversion evening – you will already know that.

But, not only is it hard (for which I must thank the Teeb Hags for the most efficacious stiffening lotions and fortifying unguents it has ever been my experience to utilise), it is difficult sometimes to think of much more I can add to the already bountiful reams of advice and instruction I have already bestowed upon you.

So, today, I won’t bother.

I bid you good-day.

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