Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Revolution In Self-Pleasuring Technology

Splodge and Sons have recently announced what they call ‘a revolution in self-pleasuring technology’ with their brand new Pulsating Stoat 89000B angle-poise vibrator. They claim that their ‘revolutionary’ angle-poise technology will be a major breakthrough in the art of self-pleasuring as the jointing and swivelling technology of the new device makes self-pleasuring discomfort a thing of the past with no more having to bend oneself at awkward and sometimes painful angles in order to make maximum use of this new device.


Using special NASA™ technology originally developed to prevent astronauts getting bored on tedious shuttle flights, the new Pulsating Stoat 89000B is capable of achieving the peak of self-pleasuring satisfaction in almost any position. Achieving this without any unseemly bending or making use of furniture or soft furnishings in a manner they were not intended or designed for, as well as tending not to frighten any pets and/or elderly relatives who happen upon you whilst you are engaged in your self-pleasuring acts.

All in all the Pulsating Stoat 89000B promises to be a major break through in the self-pleasuring arts.

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