Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Village Hall Accountancy Fetish Night


Now, it is not unusual to find your badger has already filled-out its income tax return for the year whilst you have been out in the tupping shed recalibrating your housemaids, but this should be no reason for you to neglect the full audit, if - and when - your accountancy fetish gear comes back from the dry cleaners.

Ah, if only you had thought less of the expense and chosen the rubber accountancy costume, then you would be less concerned about the rigours of a full-on accountancy fetish session leaving its telltale stains upon your fetish gear. I did warn you about suede and its unfortunate propensity towards staining, but you did – as usual – go for style over function. Not always a wise choice when it comes to the necessities of the perverted arts, as I have so often said before.

But, be that as it may, I’m sure that a vigorous rub with a small Welsh Canteen manageress will be enough to remove some of the worst of the stains, then you can hold your head high – or as high as the neck restraint allows next time you are in attendance at the monthly Village Hall Accountancy Fetish Night.

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