Monday, February 8, 2010

On The Freshness Of Her Baps

But even if the very budgerigars of our indifference are painting the skies with multitudes of colour, whilst turning the ground underneath their gyring gyrations into a bespeckled black and white terrain of antipodean guano, it is still not quite the time for our daily visit to the Little Frigging cake shop. There to see what our erstwhile cake shop manageress, Fanny Knickerless, has managed to achieve with a cream horn, or to check the freshness of her baps by giving them a gentle squeeze.


So, until that hour strikes, let us sit here awhile, and recalibrate our sex spatulas and hone our perversion tongs in readiness for this evening’s special event down at the Little Frigging village hall.

For tonight is the night when the whole of the village gathers together for that most special of all the village events that take place throughout the year. For tonight is Little Frigging’s Annual Nothing-in-Particular Day. Yes, it is that one night of the year when every villager makes a point of going on down to the village hall – dressed in their finest fetish gear and wielding their highly-polished and finely-decorated perversion implements – in order to do Nothing in Particular in as many moist and interesting ways as possible in the time available.

See you there!

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