Friday, February 12, 2010

On Workplace Dalliances

Now, let us go and see what kind of small intimate massaging device we can locate with the environs of Little Frigging. We require something suitable for a gift for a young librarian and her eager and equally-young assistant as they go about pleasuring each other in an overly intimate manner down in amongst the Fiction S-Z shelves of the Little Frigging village library.


You may feel yourself – or not depending on mood – that such acts are not really suitable indulgencies for the working hours, that such things ought to be kept for the hours when one is not at work, or – at least – confined to one’s tea or lunch breaks.

However, I – for one – feel that this notion of ‘workplace efficiency’ where all the working hours should be devoted to – and solely to – the task for which one is employed is – to say the least – sadly misguided.

It should be evident, if not self-evident – that a happy worker is a more productive worker and therefore any fully-consensual fondling that takes place between workmates should – if it increases the happiness and/or wellbeing of said employees – be encouraged rather than regarded as a break of workplace rules and etiquette.

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