Friday, March 19, 2010

Being Charitable

Following the apparent continued success of charity events such as Comic Relief and Sports Relief, the ladies of Little Frigging In The Wold have taken it upon themselves to launch a similar charitable initiative.

So, soon the ladies of Little Frigging will today offer themselves up all in aid of their very own new charity event: Hand Relief.


Consequently, any upstanding gentlemen visiting Little Frigging today can thrust himself towards the eagerly awaiting Little Frigging ladies, who will then take him firmly in hand until a suitable donation, no matter how modest, or - indeed – copious, is forthcoming.

Not only that, the ladies have also promised to undertake several events which they are confident will keep the men coming back for more, and – consequently – keep the donations pouring into the eagerly-opened coffers of the ladies.

There will also be sideshows and demonstration events. For example: the ever-popular Little Frigging Ladies Naked And Lightly-Oiled Twister Team will be performing a demonstration of their championship-wining prowess, and any visiting gentleman is free to join in as long as he gives a generous donation to one of the team members.

The ladies from the cake shop will – of course – be there, and promise to give any man who puts himself into their hands a full-cream horn in return for a generous donation on his part.

For those of a more specialised bent, the Strap-on Sisters themselves have promised to give a thorough prodding to any gentleman visitor to the village seemingly unwilling to open himself up to this very worthwhile charitable cause, in the hope that the full thrust of their entries results in the aforesaid gentleman producing a very generous donation in response to their plunging themselves into the full depths of his open generosity.

All-in-all then a very worthwhile cause and I would suggest to all my readers (yes, both of you), to pop along to the village sometime today and allow the ladies here to take you in hand, all in the name of a good cause.

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