Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inter-Village Perversions Cup News


Big news on the Inter-Village Perversions Cup front, it seems that the Lower Spadgecock Farmyard Dalliances squad has been caught augmenting its chicken feed with banned substances. This means that they have been disqualified from the semi-finals of the Inter-villages Cup Winners Cup Winners Cup, despite beating Titten Growper in the first leg by three goals, one boundary and a very surprised goat.

It has been ruled by the Inter-Village Pervert’s Association that therefore Titten Growper will go through to the semi-finals in Lower Spadgecock’s stead. There – of course – they will meet Little Frigging for a place in the finals.

Now, on the face of it, this may seem like good news as Titten Growper have proved to be the weaker of the two teams, but only on the day. Another deep concern is that Titten Growper V Little Frigging matches have never seen either side come out as consistent victors. However, Titten Growper does seem to be Little Frigging’s bogey team, often coming out the victors in these crucial matches.

So, then, all to play for on Saturday.

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