Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Making Certain Economies

Of course, the recent economic situation has hit some in the rural community very hard indeed. Although, it must be said to those interested in physical chastisement that has – indeed – been one of the upsides of the recent difficulties.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is increasingly difficult these days to get hold of an estate agent for the traditional Immolation of the Estate Agent festivities. As for getting hold of a banker this far out of the city, and getting him (if you are that way inclined) to take all your deposits is – I am informed – becoming increasingly complex.


However, here in Little Frigging, we have successfully, managed to ride out the recession by making full use of he village hall for orgies every evening during the week, thus saving on home heating bills, and even making quite a saving on the heating bills for the village hall, as once the friction from the intimate parts of the bodies starts to heat the hall up we can dispense with the heating there too. Also the intense friction built up during some orgiastic actions can ignite some of the more exotic unguents, adding the romance of naked flame to the proceedings. Although, when Old Feebletrousers’ beard caught fire one evening last week, it took both the librarian and her assistant to put it out, luckily though they had both imbibed plenty of fluids earlier in the evening, so were able to give him a more than copious showering.

Also, the ladies of Little Frigging have begun knitting their own fetish gear, and whilst bobble hat, scarf and sock bondage is not to everyone’s taste, it has certainly helped out many of those with cash flow problems, especially those who like to keep any spare finances in an old sock, as some of the more voluminous socks knitted by the ladies seem quite capable of secreting several gold bars each.

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