Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On Showing Your Working


As the time for the final exams approaches for this year’s intake, here at the university of Little Frigging, Draws every closer, I must once again impress upon you all the importance of showing your working, if you are going to get maximum marks on both the theoretical and the the practical papers. The examiners will be very interested to see that you have learnt all there is to learn about the correct way to apply marmalade to a naked chiropodist, and the importance of using the correct knots when restraining a cake shop manageress – especially in the near vicinity of fresh cream trifle, both in theory and in practice.

Of course, on the theoretical side some of the equations for working out the correct angle to place your traffic warden in relation to both the weasels and the ironing board are vital. Especially if one does not with to become the laughing stock of one’s local Amateur Perversions club, especially during the Ladies Excuse-Me at the Annual Little Frigging Spring Solstice Bring A Badger Supper And Dance. Therefore, a pass (preferably with distinction) in the Applied Unguents and Lubricating Lotions paper is a must for all aspirant perverts.

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