Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Peregrinations Of PC Ghonnemadd


When out on his peregrinations around the village, our local policeman, PC Ghonnemadd, is often called upon by the ladies of the village to whip his truncheon out and come to their assistance. Whenever such ladies feel the need to have a man in uniform help them overcome their current predicament, PC Ghonnemadd can always be relied upon to be there. He will be standing to full attention in readiness for the ladies to allow him entry to their premises in order that he can bring his expertise to hand in order to satisfy their current needs.

Many a lady of Little Frigging has admitted that when they find themselves in need of a man in uniform, it is always most reassuring to see PC Ghonnemadd’s familiar helmet coming to their assistance. To see him standing there with his truncheon firmly in hand drawing himself up to his full height with his helmet at the ready, can often lead to the ladies becoming overcome with relief before the PC even has time to take down their particulars.

It is believed, throughout the village, that the firm hand of the law provided by PC Ghonnemadd, and his willingness to whip out his truncheon to come to the assistance of any lady who needs to feel the reassuring presence of an upstanding uniformed man with his helmet ready to come to their assistance, which has made Little Frigging largely crime free over the last few years, in marked contrast – it seems to the rest of this country.

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