Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tactical Subtleties Of The Inter-Village Orgy Match


The use of oranges to enhance one’s experience of the cake shop manageress during the half time break is a well-known fact about inter-village orgy team coaching. However, it is not often appreciate how the use of the wellies and sex spatulas during that same half-time break can prevent a team from going down too early to a stiff opposition thrusting forward towards your side’s open box.

Successful coaching of an inter-village orgy team requires more than an ability to stand only the sidelines masticating furiously with one eye on your stopwatch and taking surreptitious swigs from the liniment bottle while everyone’s attention is diverted by the referee being blown for an offside, or ungentlemanly conduct with the opposition’s mallard duck.

For example, one will have to spend sometime making sure the assistant librarians on the substitute bench are fully aware of the tactical subtleties you wish them to introduce by making sure they have a firm grasp of your point and are adept at manipulating the situation to your satisfaction.

Not only that your forward fondlers will have to make sure they are ready to change ends at a moment’s notice when the opposition are about to go deep from their own end. This could easily expose your swingers, leaving them caught out in the open with no-one to cover their open flanks as the opposition forwards bear down on them and they are suddenly all overcome.

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