Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Daily Re-Custardisation Of Your Elk

Anyway, now that you have attached the smaller 13 of the necessary devices to the Community Outreach Assistant Diversity Awareness Co-Ordinator, it is time to check when our favourite TV programmes will be repeated for the umpteenth time as we go about our daily re-custardisation of your elk.


Now, it is not often acknowledged by those who have the correct form for making sure that all the EU regulations regarding the correct use of socks in a multicultural society are enacted, that sometimes the goat is not entirely up to it, especially if not fully adjusted for British Summer Time. This is, of course, one of those problems that can easily be corrected by the subtle use of the hammer provided.

Still, as they say, you can’t invade small foreign countries, without first establishing some sort of pretext, no matter how flimsy or dubious, or – indeed – how easy it will be to whitewash in the inevitable enquiry, when it is established to point blame elsewhere through many months of tedious obfuscation and nit-picking procedural blind alley wandering.

Now you may ask what has all this got to do with making sure that the cheese is arranged in, at least, a semi-beguiling manner in readiness for the impending visit by a hamster from the royal household?

However, once you have signed the Official Secrets Act and put this map of Belgium carefully engraved upon a watermelon seed into you trouser pocket, all will become clear.

Need I say more?

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