Friday, April 9, 2010

The Electro-Parsnips of Disinterested Fate

Now, it just so happens that the large round motion-sensing chip-butty is ready to be utilised in our pursuit of the Electro-Parsnips of Disinterested Fate. So, let us go then you and I, now the stockbroker is spread out against the sky and look for some batteries for it.


You will have already noticed that - for the purposes of battery-hunting - I have adopted the stance of a flustered supply geography teacher. In readiness for our excursion, I would - most humbly - request that you, my little bicycle-shed, adopt a similar approach and take up the stance of a recently-qualified Clinical Services Technician, especially while you sellotape the snack items specially selected for the impending journey to the back of the transportation weasel.

So, time for the final checklist.

  • We both have our expedition uniforms of sequined bra, cor-blimey trousers, day-glo woollen novelty socks and high-heeled flip-flops?


  • We both have our expeditionary pith helmets?


No, my little bicycle-shed, I said pith. PITH. P… I… T… H…. No, don't worry; we can wash it off later.

Anyway, it is now time to mount our beasts of burden. Then, after that, and a quick bath, it will be time for us to set off.

We will be away for the whole of next week. So, (un-)fortunately there will be no more posts here until on or around Monday, 19th April.

See you then!

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