Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Penguins Mock Our Unfashionable Footwear

The velocipede donkeys of our dreams haunt the very centres of our potting shed souls as we venture out into the shopping malls of all our nightmares once again. We have held the TV schedules of all we could ever desire close to our palpitating hearts as we dreamed of naked encounters with the celebrities and movie stars of our deepest desires. But still the penguins mock our unfashionable footwear ‘ere we go down to the municipal swimming pool on a Tuesday night.


However - and this is rather a large one, I hope you like it – our pogo sticks are still poised, ready for the journey we will take deep into the darkest heart of the car parks of our souls. We go there to seek the social workers of our dreams who will take the diversity outreach co-ordinators of our desires by the hand and teach them all there is to know about how to make kangaroos into stock control assistants in the warehouses of our exotic fantasies.

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