Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Automatic Knee Fondling Devices


Ponder upon the very nature of your goat-cheese and its relationship to your unicycle my little watering can. Doesn’t it make you wonder about the existence of automatic knee fondling devices for the hard of naughtiness, especially when Rosie’s fingers are already creeping all over Dawn?

You would think so, at least if you were wearing your pondering mittens and thinking shin pads, ready for some off-road philosophising. Still, as they say, at least when they say it:

You can’t make an omelette without using the ingredients necessary for the successful construction of an entity that bears all the distinguishing features of an omelette.

Anyway, here we are undoing the string that holds the world to our feet as we walk around trying to find the necessary attachment for our devices that will allow us to spread butter upon a recalcitrant marmoset at less than optimum butter-spreading temperatures.

However, we wander in vain through the shopping malls of our nightmares made real, wondering why – or if at all – the world needs quite so many shoes. It is just as well we are wearing our philosophising shin pads.

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