Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loin-Girding Time


My Holy Helicopter Thursday indifference has swollen to well beyond the point of inconsequentiality. However, be that as it may, maybe one day you and I will play naked ping-pong yet again, now that spring is really here.

I look out to see a world spread out before me resplendent with rampant stockbrokers and fecund hairstylists. It is a day when you could almost believe the accordions are gone… forever.

But, only too soon, it will be banjo season and we must consider - therefore - girding our loins… or - even better - girding each other's loins. I have the loin-girding unguents and lotions, and you have the girding spanners and mallet. So, let us go then, you and I, down to the girding shed, taking all the necessary fresh cream cakes with us.

Still - as you must know - spring is a busy time for those of us who are busy in the spring. For those of us - however - who are not quite so busy in the spring, it is often a much less busy time.

For those who have read this far in the vain hope of coming across some bizarre sexual deviance, or unusual ritual perversion… well, I'm afraid it is not your lucky day.


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