Monday, June 28, 2010

The Almost-Interesting Lifecycle Of Lawyers


Now, as you have seemingly adopted the stance of a Welsh canteen manageress about to plug a weasel into the mains, let us pause for a moment, adjust our fetish gear and – for once – consider the possible consequences of our actions.

Done that?


Let us - then – sally forth and – if she is in still in the mood sally fifth as well* -and go and have a look at the young tad-lawyers as they begin to approach maturity down in the lawyer-breeding swamps at the top end of the lower upper pasture. Those of you strong-stomached enough to be familiar with the breeding habits of lawyers will already have girded your loins** in readiness. Still, that can’t be helped now, so just keep on using the ointment as directed and the soreness will begin to fade by the end of the week.

Now we are here I feel that I should point out some of the more interesting features of the tad-lawyers and their almost-interesting lifecycle. But – to be honest - I can’t be arsed.



*Providing we take precautions against chafing and incipient soreness of the nether regions.

** Not - of course – to be confused with girding your lions – as you should well know the girding grommets on the underside of the lion will be inaccessible at this time of the year.

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