Friday, June 18, 2010

But, Seriously


Now we adopt the stances of bewildered computer chain-store shop assistants as we stare uncomprehendingly at the plethora of goods spread out before us while attempting to re-arrange our limited set of stock responses into a form that may somehow vaguely correspond to the question so recently poised by our current interlocutor.

But, taking all that as read, did you bring the raspberries?

I know it is not quite yet the time of Time and Marmoset Management, that one night of the year when the midnight hour is haunted by the departed souls of those who died inadequately-insured, moaning and howling in their never-ending torment as the Insurance Salesmen of the Netherworlds torture their immortal souls. So, it may be a good idea to get at least one extra loaf in as some of them might want sandwiches.

Anyway, now that you are here, I see that the camels need a fresh undercoat. So if you could just touch them up a bit, and after that do some undercoating… ha ha ha.

But, no, seriously. Let's do something a bit more interesting today.

How about…?

Oh, bugger, the handle has just fallen off.

Ah, well. Maybe some other day, then?

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