Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Inherent Dangers Of Fundamentalism


The obverse implications of illegitimate lettuce arrangement in an erotic context is – of course – a concern to all of us who take a deep interest in the perverse arts. There has been much talk – most of it, as usual, ill-informed speculation in the media of late as to whether it is, indeed, legitimate to speak of lettuce in an erotic context at all.

To those of us of a more mature cast of mind, such a concept is almost unbelievable. For how can people still be taking such an attitude or stance in this day and age? It is almost as if they wish to ally themselves with, or number themselves among, those troglodytes who still cling to such risible positions as the denial of evolution, or occupy some other such place of manifest ignorance.

For – as we all know – religion and its narrow, ignorant, worldviews belongs back in the callow infancy of humankind, back with tales of dragons, ghosts and other such anthropomorphism of the natural world.

Therefore, all and any strictures, made on a religious basis, against the sensual use of lettuce in an erotic context - especially the use of cos - between consenting adults during the hours of darkness, can be seen as empty and pointless at best.

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