Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Belgian Telephone Directory


Who are you, and what is your favourite washing-machine spin-cycle?

We have laughed.

We have stopped laughing.

There is no place left now, to park our trilobites and hamsters are running wild all over our car parks. Donkeys play hopscotch on the minefields of all our moistest desires. For the umpteenth time, I have sliced your Dundee cake while you danced naked around the traffic warden.

What shall we do now? Our leisure centres have closed and our favourite pointing sticks are all broken. We have sellotaped our last remaining Social Worker to the coffee table and read the last seventeen pages of the Belgian Telephone Directory at her, whilst placing piles of loose change around her navel.

Now it is time to do something else instead.

Do you have any Lego bricks, Maureen?

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