Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whither Poultry-Perplexing?


Granaryloaf Pottingshed was very much an old-style goose-mesmeriser, who looked down on Chicken-Intriguing as little more than an effete distraction when it came to poultry-perplexing. His long running feud with Gerrymander Ankletrouser on the best way to bewilder a pullet led to what many regard as the great schism in poultry-perplexation which prevented it from attaining its well-deserved place as one of the leading sports in the Olympic Games during the late 1970s.

However, there are many more (nearly six at the last count) who believe that its existence out of the limelight, away from the glare of the Olympic movement, has made poultry-perplexation far stronger as a sport than it would otherwise have been. It has, they believe allowed it to achieve its high standards of professionalism, both on and off the poultry-perplexing yards, as well as its ability to attract sponsorship and advertising revenues.

Chicken-Intriguing is – of course – the most popular form of poultry-perplexation, especially in its all-nude form. It is a discipline that has grown strong and powerful in its own right, with its hordes of devoted fans who will follow its leading practitioners to matches up and down the country. There are some though who argue, sometimes most forcibly, that it is this very all-nude aspect that prevents the discipline being taken as seriously as it should be by the Olympic federation and other such international (busy)bodies.

Be that as it may, however, it is the all-nude aspect of the discipline that has brought the crowds to the sport, especially those with a keen interest in amateur photography, and many believe it would be a mistake for the sport to turn its back on so many devoted fans by ditching its trademark all-nude aspect merely to satisfy the whims of the Olympic federation and other such entities, and instead continue on its own in much the same way as international football has done.

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