Thursday, August 5, 2010

Erotic Possibilities Of The Sherbet Fountain


Of course, once summer eventually arrives – as you well know – it is time to consider just how best to arrange the jelly babies around the circumference of your local post mistress without causing any undue distress to any assistant librarian who has little experience with the erotic possibilities of the sherbet fountain.

Of course, those of us more experienced in the ways of the world and some experience with how to approach a naked social worker with a brace of wagon wheels already in hand, and will have little fear that the wine gums will be of an unsuitable flavour.

Now there are many ladies in the village of Little Frigging who are very fond of sucking the lollipop of a gentleman acquaintance, especially during the all-village orgies in the village hall. The ladies, of course, will, in turn, be delighted in any gentleman upstanding enough to proffer his lollipop for the delectation of one of the ladies, makes sure that he is more than willing to reciprocate when offered her cherry lips.

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