Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Pulling Yourselves Together


Of course, when the sprouts of despondency are lying there in the lukewarm lumpy gravy of your disappointment, it is difficult to be a proudly upstanding gentleman, or lady of lithesome easefulness. It is no wonder then when things go wrong in other areas of our lives we find it hard, or rather too often find it limp when it should be hard or arid when it should be warmly moist and purring when stroked like a cat by a fireside.

However, when the very gladioli of despair pull at your heartstrings, there is only one thing you can do and that of course is to:


Although, if you have a friend, or even just an acquaintance who would willingly do the pulling for you, more the better. After all, as wise Old Feebletrousers often says there is nothing like a good long pull over the lady breakfast TV presenter to get you going in the morning, and he should know, even though it has been many years since they banned him from the breakfast TV studio for putting viewers off their early morning porridge.

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