Friday, August 27, 2010

Open-Air Reinvigoration


But even if the cake shop manageress that you are intimately entwined with does not object to the erotic placement of a bag of frozen peas on her exposed erogenous zone, other shoppers in the supermarket may – at least – look somewhat askance at your dalliance. That is what comes in having a society that places both the erotic and the perverse in the private sphere, when it would be much better having these things out in the open. This is why the British rural village orgy has become a commonplace, and why the orgy on the common is so popular too.

There is nothing getting oneself out in the open-air for a reinvigoration of those appetites and needs that have been so unfairly sublimated to other aspects of modern life, such as I alluded to in the opening of this article.

I strongly believe that far more people should do far more to include the erotic and – yes, indeed – the perverse into their shopping trips. If nothing else it does make the wait in the checkout queue less of a tedious ordeal, especially when in the presence of a suitably oiled and restrained assistant librarian who is more than eager to assist with the placement of your warm fresh baguettes into a suitable position in the shopping trolley.

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