Friday, August 20, 2010

A Place For Everything


So here we are. This is the place that is the place that it is. Over there is the place that is just over there, and across the road and underneath the hedgerow is - indeed - just across the road and actually underneath the hedge. If you look carefully, you will find it, as the former Deputy Prime Minister once said to the Diary Secretary.

So, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. That is, except for the thing in the back left-hand corner of the top shelf of the cupboard in the rear right-hand corner of the third Tupping Shed from the right (facing north, obviously).

I strongly feel that the thing needs to be moved a further 1¾ inches slightly to the left. However, Maureen feels that a distance of 1⅛ inches is sufficient. However, as I have pointed out often enough in the past, she is not taking into account the full effects of metrication, which will be upon us all too soon.

Maureen, though, in typical headstrong fashion, allied with her expert wielding of the longest of our lawyer poking sticks, does tend to pooh-pooh the whole notion in a rather convincing (and threatening manner).

Nevertheless, I am quietly confident that in the long run I will prevail. However, I do hope that my bruises fade faster than the last (and - so far - only) time I won an argument with Maureen.

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