Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Spot of DIY


As you may well have gathered, when the ladies of the village are unavailable, there is nothing the gentlemen residents of Little Frigging enjoy more than taking their tools in hand and engaging in a spot of DIY. The men of Little Frigging like nothing better than taking a firm grasp of their tools and working away at the job in hand until their tools are hot and throbbing in their hands and they can then go about finishing off the job with a few deft flicks of the wrist.

However, many of the ladies of the village have now taken it upon themselves to watch the men and to take a keen observational interest in what – up until now – has been regarded by the menfolk as a rather solitary pleasure.

This is – of course – not to say that the men of the village are overly distracted by the womanly attention. As some of you ladies here present may know, many gentlemen do like to engage a lady’s interest in their DIY activities, although -quite often – the lady herself may not be willing to engage in any such frank perusal on little or no prior acquaintanceship, and so such men are regarded as being beyond the pale, especially if they engage in the activity far too often for their general health.

Consequently all such men should cease and desist such activities unless they have the express approval and consent of the lady – or ladies – in attendance, such as we in the Little Frigging DIY club are fortunate enough to possess.

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